ACCV2016 Tutorials

Taipei, Taiwan, November 20 and 24, 2016

The 2016 Asian Conference on Computer Vision hosts two separate days of tutorials. One is right before the main conference (i.e., Nov. 20), and the other is immediately after the main conference (i.e., Nov. 24).  Please visit the individual tutorial homepage for detailed information.

November 20:

T1: Content-Adaptive Morphological Filters
Organizers: Hugues Talbot & Michael H.F. Wilkinson

T2: Digital Geometry Processing : Extracting High Quality Geometric Features
Organizer: Bertrand Kerautret

T7: Modern Local Image Descriptors: Hand-crafted VS. Learning-based Methods
Organizers: Bin Fan & Jiwen Lu & Pascal Fua

T9: Deep Learning in Computer Vision
Organizers: Wanli Ouyang & Hongsheng Li & Xiaogang Wang

November 24:

T3: Fitting Ellipse and Computing Fundmental Matrix and Homography
Organizer: Kenichi Kanatani

T4: Deep Learning for Vision-guided Language and Image Generation
Organizers: MingYu Liu & Min Sun

T5: Large-scale 3D Reconstruction from Images
Organizers: Long Quan & Tian Fang & Tianwei Shen

T6: Mathematics of Deep Learning
Organizer: Raja Giryes

T8: Multi-view Geometry for Rolling Shutter Camera
Organizers: Yuchao Dai & Hongdong Li & Laurent Kneip

T10: Continuous User Authentication on Mobile Devices
Organizer: Vishal M. Patel

Tutorials Co-Chairs

Bernard Ghanem (KAUST, Saudi Arabia) <>
Fay Huang (National Ilan University, Taiwan, ROC) <>
Yukiko Kenmochi (CNRS, France) <>