Poster Presentation

  • The ACCV 2016 poster boards are 841mm wide x 1189mm tall (equivalent to 33.1 inch wide x 46.8 inch tall). We strongly recommend that you use A0 portrait poster format. Please add 3mm for each side as bleeding size.
  • Adhesive material and/or pins will be provided for mounting the posters to the boards.
  • Color format: CMYK
  • Poster material: Polypropylene printing
  • Price: NT$ 1,000 per poster (tax included)
How to Order Your Poster

Before you place your order please confirm that your document is finalized and ready to print. It will speed up the process and help us provide you with a great-looking poster. Please read / fill in ALL the required information below. We will process your order after we confirm it with you by email. Please feel free to call us if needed.

  1. Attach your document (PDF only, resolution 300 dpi above)
  2. Contact information:
    Enter your basic info. We will use this information to contact you regarding your order.
  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone number:
  • Presenting poster number:
  • Receipt title:
  1. Delivery information:
    Please go to registration desk to collect your poster, meanwhile the cash should be paid at the same time.

Ms. Bettie Lai (
+886 2 87513588