Congratulations to the following paper award winners

  1. Saburo Tsuji Best Paper Award [Sponsored by Microsoft Research]

    Generalized Fusion Moves for Continuous Label Optimization
    Christopher Zach (Toshiba Research Europe, Cambridge)

  2. Sang Uk Lee Best Student Paper Award [Sponsored by Qualcomm]

    Lip Reading in the Wild
    Joon Son Chung (University of Oxford) and Andrew Zisserman (University of Oxford)

  3. Songde Ma Best Application Paper Award [Sponsored by Baidu]

    Pano2Vid: Automatic cinematography for watching 360-degree videos
    Yu-Chuan Su (University of Texas at Austin), Dinesh Jayaraman (University of Texas at Austin), and Kristen Grauman (University of Texas at Austin)

  4. Best Paper Honorable Mention [Sponsored by Springer]

    Unifying Algebraic Solvers for Scaled Euclidean Registration from Point, Line and Plane Constraints
    Folker Wientapper (Fraunhofer IGD), Arjan Kuijper (TU Darmstadt)

  5. Best Student Paper Honorable Mention [Sponsored by Elsevier]

    Sparse Coding on Cascaded Residuals
    Tong Zhang (Australian National University), Fatih Porikli (Australian National University)

  6. Best Application Paper Honorable Mention

    Pedestrian Color Naming via Convolutional Neural Network
    Zhiyi Cheng (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Xiaoxiao Li (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Chen Change Loy (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Paper award decisions were made by the award committee members: Prof. Michael Brown (York University), Marc Pollefeys (Microsoft / ETH Zurich), and Ian Reid (University of Adelaide).