For Authors

Instructions for preparing camera ready paper
(Main conference and workshops)


Accepted papers will be published after the conference in Springer’s Lecture Notes on Computer Science (LNCS). During the conference, each conference participant will receive an e-copy of all the accepted papers, including supplemental videos as submitted by authors with their final paper (as approved by the program chairs).

Submission Site

Main conference authors can upload their final papers using the main CMT submission site (
Please ensure that you carefully follow the procedure below before uploading your paper.


Camera ready papers can be up to 14 pages (excluding references). A final paper submission has to provide the following:

  1. The full Latex sources include figures in PDF, PNG or JPG format. This should be all in one directory.
  2. A signed copyright form (the form is in the author camera ready kit below).
  3. A PDF of the paper (maximum 10MB in LNCS style and within the require page length).
  4. A text file named “contact.txt" containing the author contact information (see below for the format).

Authors may also submit additionally one supplementary material. Submissions are via the ACCV 2016 submission website (
All files for one paper need to be zipped into one archive.

  • You are not allowed to introduce new technical material in the camera ready version of the paper that was not seen by the reviewers.
  • You are not allowed to remove material from the paper that was used as basis for the acceptance of the paper unless requested from the reviewers.
  • Title changes are discouraged. If necessary, minor changes may be made subject to the approval of the PC.
  • Adding authors is highly discouraged. Any addition must have valid reasons and requires the approval of the PC.

Final papers will be compared to submitted papers. A violation of one of the above items could lead to rejection of your paper.

Registration, Publication Fee, and Invitation Letters for Visa

Conference registration, publication fee, and invitation letters for visa information are available under Registration.

Camera Ready Author Kit

The author kit provides a LaTeX2e template for the final paper submissions, the LNCS copyright form, and sources of an example paper to demonstrate the format. Please refer to this example for detailed formatting instructions.
Camera ready author kit as a zip file ( link )

Instructions and Policies

Final camera ready (due Sep 6th, 2016) must be prepared in LaTeX2e, thus suitable for compiling the proceedings in one uniform text editing environment. This is a requirement by LNCS. Any paper not prepared in Latex2e using the supplied camera ready kit cannot be accepted.

Author names : Please write out author names in full in the paper (full first and family names).

Copyright form : One copyright form per paper has to be provided. The author kit contains the template of the form. Please fill in the form and sign it (the signature of corresponding author is sufficient). Either a digitally signed or scanned version of the copyright form (PDF format) needs to be submitted together with the final paper. Please use the appropriate copyright form for main conference or workshop papers (there are two forms in the camera ready kit).

All source files : Latex2e files for the text, PS/EPS or PDF/PNG/JPEG files for all figures need to be submitted. We should be able to compile your camera-ready pdf from directly from your camera-ready submission. Please prepare your tex file such that your paper can be built in a single directory (i.e. do not place figures in subdirectories).

Contact file : A text file named “contact.txt" containing the following author information needs to be submitted.
Name and email address of a corresponding author (author who will be contacted for proof-reading).

For each author, in the order in which authors appear on the paper: Full family name(s), full first name(s), email address(es), affiliation(s) (name of the institution as it should appear in the conference program, not the full address). Please separate these 4 items by “,”.

Supplemental material (Optional): Authors may optionally upload one supplemental material, e.g., video, also zipped into the single archive.

Overall file size: The above needs to be submitted in a single ZIP file to ACCV 2016 submission website. This archive may be 30MB at most. Here is the check list of files that need to be contained in the ZIP file.

  • Paper PDF (should not exceed the limit of 10MB)
  • Latex2e source and figures
  • A scanned version of the signed copyright form (PDF format)
  • A text file named “contact.txt" (see above for the format)
  • Optional supplementary material

The file name of your camera-ready submission must be in the form of, where XXXX is your four-digit paper ID (zero-padded if necessary).


Questions regarding the final paper upload or copyright form should be addressed to the publication chair: Huei-Yung Lin (lin {AT} and cc the program chairs: Shang-Hong Lai (lai {AT}

No show policy

Every accepted paper to ACCV 2016 (both main conference and workshop) needs to have at least one author attend the conference and represent the paper in either the poster or oral session. The ACCV 2016 organizing committee reserves the right to remove a paper from the final proceedings that was not represented at the conference. No show authors will not have their registrations refunded.